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Hi, I'm Clare Robinson. I'm based in Cardiff and have spent over 20 years working as a video editor, effects artist and graphic designer for film and television. I’ve worked as a colourist on BBC dramas, video effects editor on Dr Who, created digital effects for Wallace & Gromit, green screen compositor for The Killers and rig removal artist for Sony BluRay commercial among other things.

I am studying a Masters in Arts Practice (Art, Health and Well-Being) and this is where express create animate has developed.

I predominantly use Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Animated Drawings, Da Vinci and Final Cut Pro and am familiar with ProCreate and iMotion.

By combining digital and traditional mediums I am discovering a way of storytelling that can benefit health and well-being. Seeing my story, thoughts, ideas and creations combined into an animated film is rewarding and fullfilling. 

The freedom and flow of creating paintings and poetry married with the intricate and focused process of animating, picture and sound editing, are both enriching and capture my story in a new way. A way that can be reflected upon,  and shared with others.

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